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For Steam Cleaners

AB 1000 Ironing board

Ironing board with blower function, active steam extraction and 6-level height adjustment...

₪1,942.00 Ex Tax: ₪1,660.00
Entkalkersticks (9 x 13 g)

Fast and efficient decalcification of Kärcher Steam Cleaners. Easy dosage and very gentle on materia..

₪89.00 Ex Tax: ₪76.00
Extension and power nozzle

Power nozzle with extension considerably increases the cleaning power of the detail nozzle. Ideal fo..

₪85.00 Ex Tax: ₪73.00
Extension hose special accessories SC 1

With the extension hose for the SC 1, even difficult to reach areas such as corners and niches ..

₪170.00 Ex Tax: ₪145.00
Karcher Big Round Brush

Use the large round brush to clean large areas in less timeMore surface in the same time – using the..

₪110.00 Ex Tax: ₪94.00
Karcher Descaling Cartridge

The Karcher descaling cartridge for the SC3 automatically removes dissolved lime from the fill water..

₪75.00 Ex Tax: ₪64.00
Karcher Window nozzle

Window tool thoroughly cleans glass, windows or mirrors using a clean steamer.Window tool thoroughly..

₪248.00 Ex Tax: ₪212.00
Karcher Yellow / Black Round brush set

Practical round brush set available in two colours...

₪94.00 Ex Tax: ₪81.00
Microfibre cloth set for floor nozzle EasyFix 28632590

The EasyFix microfibre floor cleaning cloth set includes two highly absorbent, hard-wearing floor cl..

₪95.00 Ex Tax: ₪81.00
Round brush set

Practical round brush set available in two colours...

₪94.00 Ex Tax: ₪81.00
Round brush set with brass bristles

Round brush set with brass bristles for removing stubborn and ingrained dirt. Ideal for sensitive su..

₪109.00 Ex Tax: ₪93.00
Round brush with dirt scraper

Round brush with two rows of heat-resistant bristles and scraper for easy removal of stubborn dirt. ..

₪87.00 Ex Tax: ₪74.00
Set of cleaning cloths

Cloth set of high-quality cotton with 2 large floor cloths and 3 covers for hand tool...

₪98.00 Ex Tax: ₪84.00
Steam Cleaner Hand tool

Hand tool with additional brushes for cleaning small areas such as shower cubicles, wall tiles, etc...

₪98.00 Ex Tax: ₪84.00
Steam turbo brush

Steam turbo brush for effortless cleaning in half the time. Powerful cleaning action obviates the ne..

₪138.00 Ex Tax: ₪118.00
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For Steam Cleaners