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Cleaning Supplies

Basic Cleaning Agent for hard floors RM 533, 1 Liter

For thorough removal of old protective layers and stubborn dirt from stone, linoleum and PVC.For bes..

₪80.00 Ex Tax: ₪68.00
Car Shampoo 3-in-1, 1 L

Powerful car shampoo with unique 3-in-1 formula which offers exceptional cleaning performance thanks..

₪95.00 Ex Tax: ₪81.00
Car shampoo Karcher 5L

Slightly alkaline, foaming cleaning agent for thorough vehicle cleaning. Environmentally friendly a..

₪189.00 Ex Tax: ₪162.00
CarpetPro Cleaner RM 760 powder, 10kg

The CarpetPro Cleaner Powder is a spray extraction cleaner with outstanding cleaning performance, iC..

₪924.00 Ex Tax: ₪790.00
Concentrated Window Cleaner RM 500 profi, 500ml

New RM500 Glass cleaner concentrate. For streak-free cleaning of all glass and mirror surfaces. Remo..

₪120.00 Ex Tax: ₪103.00

  Optimum care and protection for matt artificial and natural stone floors, linoleum and PVC.Tr..

₪293.00 Ex Tax: ₪250.00

Optimum care and protection for sealed parquet, laminate and cork floors.Traces are removed, the car..

₪293.00 Ex Tax: ₪250.00
Floor care for waxed parquet / parquet with oil or wax finish RM 530, 1 L

Optimal care and protection for waxed wooden floors or wooden floors with oil/wax finish.Traces are ..

₪293.00 Ex Tax: ₪250.00
Floor Deep Cleaner RM 69 ASF eco!efficiency, 10L

Powerful cleaning agent for flooring and industrial floors effortlessly removes stubborn oil, grease..

₪456.00 Ex Tax: ₪390.00
Foam Stop neutral Karcher, 125 ml

Environmentally friendly defoamer liquid for water filter vacuum and spray extraction cleaners (carp..

₪51.00 Ex Tax: ₪44.00
Insect remover Karcher, 500ml

Kärcher insect remover in the 500 ml spray bottle easily and gently removes insects from paint and p..

₪80.00 Ex Tax: ₪68.00
Karcher Floor Care - Multi-purpose Floor Cleaning RM536

For all hard floors: Stone, PVC floors, Linoleum floors, Varnished parquetMulti-purpose Floor Cleani..

₪56.00 Ex Tax: ₪48.00
Karcher RM 534 floor cleaning and care for sealed wood (500 ML)

For thorough, material-friendly cleaning, refreshment and care of sealed wooden floors.With effectiv..

₪56.00 Ex Tax: ₪48.00
Machine Protector Advance 1 RM 110 ASF, 1L

Scale inhibitor for hot water high-pressure cleaners with integral corrosion protection, especially ..

₪89.00 Ex Tax: ₪76.00
Plastic cleaner, 5L

For the thorough cleaning of garden furniture, PVC window frames, children’s slides and other plasti..

₪267.00 Ex Tax: ₪228.00
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Cleaning Supplies