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Choosing the floors in the house, you take a number of considerations: the type of tile, the size of the tile, the color of the floors, which will visually increase the room and fit the furniture, as well as to keep the dirty floor from appealing

Karcher solved the problem of dirt and created a variety of floor scrubbers for home and business, small and large premises for all types of flooring.

For example, scrub for wet cleaning the floor FC 5, the revolution of floor cleaning!

Karcher FC 5 cleans any hard flooring as well as parquet and porcelain tiles

FC 5 provides a clean and thorough cleaning, leaving a good gloss and smell.

Karcher launched a revolutionary product in the field of floor cleaning (patent), which simultaneously performs all floor cleaning operations: vacuums, washes, cleans and dries floor surfaces - the Flor Kliner device.

The design of the device is made of polypropylene and light metals, which allows you to conveniently use and cover a large work area of ​​about 7 square meters.

The device quickly and efficiently cleans all types of floors and tiles, and also performs very thorough cleaning and polishing operations on the floor.

At the front of the device there is a 400 ml clean water tank, sufficient to clean 60 square meters, another liter tank located on the back of the device that collects dirt and water contaminated by the floor and chandeliers. Dry in 2 minutes).

FC 5 includes two microfiber brushes that rotate at a speed of 500 revolutions per minute. Brushes scrub the floor by injecting water or detergent and trapping dirt in the dirty water tank.

The height of the device is 1.22 meters and has an electric cable length of about 7 meters and, therefore, allows you to conveniently use and cover a large work area.

The Floor Cleaner FC5 performs five operations on one device: tayot, suction, cleaning, sucking and drying

Dirt on the floors should no longer be a problem, buyers clean the floors with quality and effective, quickly clean, large areas and small, leaving only a light and pleasant smell. Karcher finds a solution to any possible dirt problem and leaves customers with a choice of cleaning machines to choose from.

 FC 5 was tested by independent consumer organizations in Europe, received a very high rating and was defined as a revolution in the world of cleanliness. Our Company is also a representative of KARCHER in Israel, which sells this device in Israel.

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