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3.5 m suction hose extension

The 3.5 m long suction hose extension increases the working radius and provides more free movement a..

₪180.00 Ex Tax: ₪154.00
5 Yellow Roller Set for FC

The two-piece microfiber roller set for the Karcher hard floor cleaner enables the gentle clean..

₪130.00 ₪170.00
Ex Tax: ₪111.00
AB 1000 Ironing board

Ironing board with blower function, active steam extraction and 6-level height adjustment...

₪1,942.00 Ex Tax: ₪1,660.00
Accessory Kit Bike Cleaning
₪359.00 Ex Tax: ₪307.00
Angled spray lance

Extra-long angled spray lance (about 1 m) for easy cleaning of difficult to reach areas, e.g. roof g..

₪355.00 Ex Tax: ₪303.00
Basic Cleaning Agent for hard floors RM 533, 1 Liter

For thorough removal of old protective layers and stubborn dirt from stone, linoleum and PVC.For bes..

₪80.00 Ex Tax: ₪68.00
Basic coarse dirt/ash filter, 20L

Coarse dirt/ash filter for cleaning fireplaces, tiled stoves, barbecues, sauna ovens, etc., as well ..

₪289.00 Ex Tax: ₪247.00
Battery Bp 200 Adv

Compatible MachinesSC 330 BpHT 615 BpLB 850 BpST 400 Bp..

₪817.00 Ex Tax: ₪698.00
Battery Bp 400 Adv

Battery Bp 400 AdvCompatible MachinesSC 330 BpHT 615 BpLB 850 BpST 400 Bp..

₪1,346.00 Ex Tax: ₪1,150.00
Battery charger BC Adv, 220-240V
₪585.00 Ex Tax: ₪500.00
Bike accessory box for OC3

With optimally adapted accessories in the bike accessory box, you can clean bicycles and bicycle equ..

₪179.00 Ex Tax: ₪153.00
Booster pump GP 40

GP 40 - The compact entry level garden pump with an ergonomic handle design for quick and easy water..

₪0.00 Ex Tax: ₪0.00
Booster pump GP 55

GP 55 - The garden pump with a handy foot switch and ergonomic handle for quick and easy watering. R..

₪0.00 Ex Tax: ₪0.00
Booster pump SPP 60 Inox

SPP 60 Inox - The compact submersible pump for quick and easy watering. Featuring robust stainless s..

₪0.00 Ex Tax: ₪0.00
Booster pump with pressure tank BPP 3000/42

The BPP 3000/42 booster pump with an integrated pressure compensation container pumps low-cost servi..

₪2,600.00 ₪3,136.00
Ex Tax: ₪2,222.00
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