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High pressure washer K 7

  • Brand: Karcher
  • Supplier: Dan Sheldan
  • Product Code: 1.168-502.0
  • EAN: 4039784720237
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • ₪2,690.00

  • Ex Tax: ₪2,299.00

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The "K7" with water-cooled motor has been designed for frequent use and removing stubborn dirt, e.g. on paths, in swimming pools, on bicycles or large vehicles. Features include a gun with practical Quick Connect connector, 10 m high-pressure rubber hose, efficient water filter for pump protection, Vario Power spray lance (VPS) and dirt blaster with rotating pencil jet. Quick and easy pressure adjustment on the VPS with dirt blaster to remove stubborn dirt. The P&C universal cleaner rounds off the extensive package. 

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Technical data
Pressure bar/MPa 20–160 / 2–16
Flow rate l/h 600
High pressure hose length (m) 10
Area performance (m²/h) 60
Max. feed temperature (°C) 60
Connected load (kW) 3
Frequency (Hz) 50-60
Voltage (V) 220-240
Optional Accessories
iSolar TL 7 H (without hose)

Telescopic rod made from a carbon/fibreglass mixture for maximum rigidity with minimum weight. With 7.2 m max. reach and practical quick-release couplings for easy extension and retraction...

₪4,263.00 Ex Tax: ₪3,643.00
T 350 T-Racer Surface Cleaner

With the T-Racer T 350 surface cleaner, large surfaces can be cleaned splash-free. Continuous pressure adjustment for hard and sensitive surfaces. Handle for vertical cleaning...

₪544.00 Ex Tax: ₪465.00
Splash guard for dirt blaster

Splash guard for dirt blasterProtects against splash back when cleaning corners and edges. Fits all Kärcher dirt blasters (except 4.763-184)...

₪134.00 Ex Tax: ₪114.00
Water filter

Water filter protects pressure washer pumps against dirt particles from dirty water...

₪84.00 Ex Tax: ₪72.00
Rotating wash brush for < 800 l/h machines, nylon bristles

The rotating wash brush gently removes fine dust and grime from all surfaces. Heat-resistant up to 80°C. (M 18 x 1.5, replaceable brush insert)...

₪782.00 Ex Tax: ₪669.00
Rotating wash brush with joint

Rotating washing brush with joint for cleaning all smooth surfaces, e.g. paint, glass or plastic. 18° infinitely adjustable joint on handle for cleaning difficult to reach areas...

₪267.00 Ex Tax: ₪228.00
Suction Hose

llows you to use your Karcher pressure washer in remote areas with no running waterClean with collected rain water as an eco-friendly solutionRequires additional parts to work with Karcher electric pressure washers (see product description)Genuine Karcher replacement part, made in GermanyCompatible with all Karcher electric and gas pressure washers..

₪220.00 Ex Tax: ₪188.00
Flexible Spray Lance

Kärcher adjustable high and low-pressure jet. Flexible Spay Lance swivels 180 degrees to easily clean difficult to reach areas for around the home, garden and car. Compatible with Kärcher pressure washers with bayonet fitting...

₪359.00 Ex Tax: ₪307.00
Dirt Blaster DB 160 for K5 – K7

Karcher's patented Dirtblaster™ nozzle provides large area coverage with almost the same cleaning power as a solid pencil jet! This is achieved by a high-pressure pencil jet rotating at approximately 4,000 RPM, which increases the effective cleaning pressure of your pressure washer by up to 50%! Unsurpassed at removing stubborn dirt and solvents! (Warning: Not recommended for delicate or painted surfaces). Includes pre-assembled Quick Connect adapter. Fits Karcher gasoline pressure washers with a rating of 2400-2500 PSI. Replaces Karcher Original Part -9123001 (9.123-001.0), 2640854 (2.640-854.0)..

₪280.00 Ex Tax: ₪239.00
Dirt blaster – not switchable

The dirt blaster with rotating pencil jet offers 10 times better cleaning performance. Ceramic nozzle and bearing ring for a long service life. Further data: Max. 300 bar, 30 MPa, 85°C...

₪490.00 Ex Tax: ₪419.00
Twin Jet Dirtblaster Spray Lance

The Karcher Twin Jet Dirtblaster provides 40% more coverage compared to conventional dirt blasters.The twin jets remove stubborn dirt for very high performance cleaning results & with its double rotor nozzle effortlessly cleans moss covered and weathered surfaces, e.g. garden paths, driveways, facades or garage doors. The 2 rotating pencil jets blast rotating water at high pressure thus giving up to 50% greater cleaning power.This accessory is suitable for all Kärcher K4 – K7 series domestic pressure washers...

₪316.00 Ex Tax: ₪270.00
G 160 Q Trigger Gun Quick Connect

The premium trigger gun fitted with Quick Connect and soft grip inserts guarantees a high level of comfort for cleaning...

₪200.00 Ex Tax: ₪171.00
Karcher Replacement Quick Release Hose for K3 - K7 Machines

A replacement 9 m high pressure hose for Karcher K3 – K7 series domestic pressure washers from 2009 onwards, where the hose is connected to the gun and pressure washer by quick release connection...

₪259.00 Ex Tax: ₪221.00
PC 15 Pipe Cleaning Kit

Pipe cleaning set with 15 m hose for clearing blockages in pipes, drains, downpipes and toilets...

₪740.00 Ex Tax: ₪632.00
PC 7.5 Pipe Cleaning Kit

Pipe cleaning set with 7.5 m hose for clearing blockages in pipes, drains, downpipes and toilets...

₪445.00 Ex Tax: ₪381.00
Sand/wet blasting set

Sand and wet blasting set for removing rust, paint and stubborn dirt using Kärcher abrasive...

₪455.00 Ex Tax: ₪389.00
Accessory Kit Bike Cleaning
₪359.00 Ex Tax: ₪307.00
PS 40 power scrubber

PS 40 power scrubber with three integrated high-pressure nozzles. Powerful cleaning action removes stubborn dirt from surfaces quickly and easily. Ideal for stairs and edges...

₪317.00 Ex Tax: ₪271.00
Soft brush

Soft brush for cleaning large areas, e.g. cars, caravans, boats, conservatories or roller shutters). Working width of 248 mm ensures good coverage...

₪187.00 Ex Tax: ₪160.00
Foam nozzle C 'n' C FJ 10 C 1l Car

Car shampoo and + quick-change system FJ 10 C Connect 'n' Clean foam nozzle. Easy Change between different detergents with just a simple click. ..

₪153.00 Ex Tax: ₪131.00
Delta-Racer WB 150 packaged

Delta-Racer D 150 for cleaning sensitive surfaces without splash back. Efficient combination of high pressure and manual brush pressure saves energy, water and up to 30% time...

₪330.00 Ex Tax: ₪282.00

With the T-Racer surface cleaner T 450, large surfaces in outside areas can be cleaned effectively, without splashing and up to 50% faster compared to cleaning with a spray lance.The reason for this is the twin-jet rotating arm, which ensures dirt removal on large surfaces.The additional power nozzle, which can be conveniently activated when needed using the pedal, also allows effective cleaning of corners and edges.The T 450 also features a special protection grid, which enables the cleaning of Japanese gardens and other gravel surfaces.The pressure can be optimally adjusted by altering the nozzle clearance to the object being cleaned.This means that both hard surfaces such as stone and concrete, and more sensitive surfaces such as wood, can be cleaned.Thanks to the hovercraft effect, the T-Racer is particularly easy to manoeuvre,And even vertical surfaces such as garage doors can be cleaned in no time thanks to the practical handle.The T-Racer surface cleaner T 450 is suitable for Kärcher Home & Garden pressure washers, classes K 4 to K 7...

₪755.00 Ex Tax: ₪645.00
T 300 T-Racer Surface Cleaner

T 300 T-Racer for spray-free surface cleaning. With adjustable cleaning pressure and extra handle for cleaning vertical surfaces. For Kärcher Home&Garden K 2 –K 7 pressure washers...

₪544.00 Ex Tax: ₪465.00
T400 T-Racer Surface Cleaner

This Kärcher T400 patio cleaner is ideal for cleaning large surfaces such as patios, stone paving, decking, driveways and ornate pebbles.The T400 gives you extra cleaning power from 2 rotating flat jets. A third jet that you can engage through flicking on a switch, allows you to clean in difficult to reach corners. As well as cleaning large surfaces on the ground, you can also use it for vertical surfaces such as your garage door.You can add a protective grate if you need to clean a Japanese garden or gravelled surface, and it is height adjustable for effective cleaning of uneven surfaces. The Kärcher T400 patio cleaner is suitable for use with the K5-7 series pressure washer...

₪782.00 Ex Tax: ₪669.00
Foam nozzle FJ 6

FJ 6 foam nozzle for cleaning with powerful foam (e.g. Ultra Foam Cleaner). For cars, motorcycles etc. and for applying cleaning products to stone and wood surfaces and façades...

₪145.00 Ex Tax: ₪124.00
Underbody cleaner

Highly effective chassis cleaner for removing dirt, mud, sludge, sand and encrusted salt. With care nozzle for applying chassis wax (incl. 250 ml free tester)...

₪693.00 Ex Tax: ₪592.00
Spray bottle

Cleaning and care agents can be applied effortlessly using the Kärcher pump spray bottle. With infinitely variable adjustment of the spray jet and angle...

₪296.00 Ex Tax: ₪253.00
Vario joint

Vario joint, rotates 180° for cleaning difficult to reach areas. Connection: For connection between gun and accessory or extension lance and accessory...

₪135.00 Ex Tax: ₪115.00
VP 160 S vario power jet short 360° for K 2-K 7

VP 180 S: The lightweight vario power jet short 360° with infinitely variable pressure regulation and flexible and adjustable 360° joint is ideal for cleaning areas that are difficult to reach...

₪190.00 Ex Tax: ₪162.00
MP 145 multi power jet for K 3-K 5

Multi power jet with 5 types of jets: Cleaning agent jet, HP fan jet, rotary nozzle, pencil jet and wide reduced-pressure fan jet. The suitable jet can be selected by simply twisting...

₪360.00 Ex Tax: ₪308.00

Multi power jet offers 5 types of jet in a single spray lance: Cleaning agent jet, HP fan jet, rotary nozzle, pencil jet and wide reduced-pressure fan jet.The suitable jet is selected easily by twisting. This means than time-consuming changing of the spray lance is no longer necessary.Multi power jet is suitable for all Kärcher K 7 Kärcher pressure washers.The versatile device can be used around the house, garden and car...

₪360.00 Ex Tax: ₪308.00
Vario Power Jet VP 160

Vario-Power spray lance: spray lance with infinitely variable pressure control from low-pressure detergent jet to high-pressure jet...

₪267.00 Ex Tax: ₪228.00
Telescopic spray pipe

Features:Telescopic spray lance with a range of up to 4mIdeal for convenient high-pressure cleaning of e.g. shutters,facades and 2 story home.With convenient shoulder strap and built-in gun..

₪2,444.00 Ex Tax: ₪2,089.00
Telescopic spray lance

Telescopic spray lance (1.20 m - 4m) for easy cleaning of difficult to reach areas. With shoulder strap, bayonet connection and integrated, ergonomically adjustable trigger gun. Weight: ca. 2 kg..

₪743.00 Ex Tax: ₪635.00
Angled spray lance

Extra-long angled spray lance (about 1 m) for easy cleaning of difficult to reach areas, e.g. roof gutters or vehicle underbodies...

₪355.00 Ex Tax: ₪303.00
Single Lance Extension

Extends spray lance by 0.5 m. For effective cleaning of difficult to reach areas. Suitable for all Kärcher accessories...

₪118.00 Ex Tax: ₪101.00
XH 10 Extension Hose

High-pressure extension hose for greater flexibility, 10 m robust DN 8 quality hose. Textile braiding reinforced, non-kinking hose with brass connector for durability.For K2..

₪475.00 Ex Tax: ₪406.00
Wheel Washing Brush

Wheel wash brush for effective cleaning also in difficult to reach areas. Uniform 360° water distribution for a perfect cleaning result...

₪187.00 Ex Tax: ₪160.00

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